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1600km’s one way…

From Spain to Germany...

When you think about Europe and wine, we are talking about many, many centuries of grape growing and wine making. Stepping into a wine cave dating back to the 11th Century is quite something.

The climate, the soil, the ‘terroir’. That huge yellow ball of light in the sky. Grapes are basking in the glory of real heat and sometimes extreme cold too.

Listening to wine makers talk about their wines I feel very naïve. Our beloved country is so very young. An infant compared with our Great, Great, Great Grandparents of Europe.

And then there’s the vineyard workers and the ancient methods of working the land and making the wines. Coaxing the small parcels of soil to produce the best quality grapes they can produce. The daily rituals where the chiming of the village church bell beckons the workers to lay down their tools and journey home for a long, leisurely, well earned déjeuner.

And then of course there’s the food…

The markets brimming with fresh produce, meat, fish, cheeses, charcuterie, olives, and much much more...a feast for the eyes and taste buds.

Our journey so far has taken us from Barcelona, through to the beautiful Languedoc-Roussillon, L'Occitanie. A homecoming of sorts, after we spent 2014 here with our 3 children.

Next, we journey through to Rhône, Burgundy, Alsace and into Germany.

1600 km’s one way…

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