Longbush Wines "Bird Series" Merlot 2019 - 6 Pack

Longbush Wines "Bird Series" Merlot 2019 - 6 Pack


Dark berry fruit with hints of cloves and vanilla overlaid with memories of the forest floor. The Merlot grape like the Kiwi is an icon of humble, quietly powerful secretive charm.

Merlot is one of the most versatile wines to pair with food.

Drink this light and spicey wine paired with tomato basil penne pasta served with mushrooms and crispy pancetta. Bon appetit!

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Like a good story?...

7km from Gisborne, on the banks of the Waimata river, the Longbush Eco-Sanctury is a restoration project that will create a haven for endangered birds and plants. Anne and Jeremy Salmond, with the support of many friends and family, have embarked on this intrepid journey.

Here at Workshop Wines we like to support important projects just like this one.